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Argentina Highlights

Argentina is a large country with plenty to see. It’s also a very diverse country. Below, you will find a summary of a few Argentine must-sees. If you can’t visit all these destinations during a single holiday, you could choose a few and save the rest for your next holiday. Remember that Argentina is the size of the entire Western Europe, and that you could never see all of it during a single holiday. It is therefore important that you plan your holiday as carefully as possible.
holiday Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

This is one of the most beautiful and trendiest cities in South America. It is often referred to as the Paris of Latin America. There is plenty to see here and you would do well to allocate a week so that you can fully experience this city, though most travellers spend 3 or 4 days in BA during their Argentina holidays. You should, at least, make sure that you visit La Boca, Recoleta and Palermo. In the evenings, the best place to be is Palermo, with its many traditional or trendy restaurants and nightlife venues. We are fortunate in that our colleagues, who live in BA, can also provide people with great insider tips when booking their Argentina holidays.
holiday Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Waterfalls (literally translated as ‘Big Water’) are located at the point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. These falls are found in the rainforest and can be reached by means of a short 2-hour flight from BA. They can be accessed from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, or from the larger Foz do Iguazu in Brazil. These falls are spectacular and can be viewed from 2 angles, so you should allocate 2 days to visiting them. You could also book an inflatable boat excursion that will take you right up to the ‘Garganta del Diablo’ (throat of the devil) as part of an exciting, fun and wet trip!
Holiday Patagonian Glaciers

Patagonian Glaciers

From El Calafate, there are various methods of seeing the glaciers during your holiday. The Perito Moreno glacier is the most spectacular. A daytrip by boat along other glaciers across the Lago Argentino is also well worth it. Furthermore, this area is an ideal point from which to cross into Chile.
holiday Valdés Peninsula

Valdés Peninsula

This mushroom-shaped peninsula is located about 1,300 km south of BA and is connected to the mainland by a narrow tongue of land. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1999. There are few places in the world where animals like whales, dolphins, orcas, sea lions and elephant seals can be seen up close in their natural habitats. There are two bays here – a northern one with a warm current and a southern one with a cold current – that each have completely different ecosystems. Sea lions and elephant seals can be seen year-round, whales are here from June to mid-December, while orcas visit in October and November and from February to April.
holiday Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia)

From this southernmost city in the world, located around 4 hours by air from BA, you can visit the Tierra del Fuego national park or cruise along the Beagle canal. Antarctic expeditions also depart from here. A great 4x4 trip to the national park can be taken from here, with a BBQ lunch served on the banks of one of the lakes.
holiday Mendoza


This wine city is situated only 2 hours by air from BA. It is a pleasant place at which to spend a few days at the foot of the Andes. You could even choose to stay at a wine bodega outside the city. From here, you could go on a stunning hire car drive through the Andes to the Chilean border. Sights include the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere (the Aconcagua at almost 7 km high) and Puente del Inca.
holiday Salta


Salta is located in northwest Argentina at the foot of the Andes and is a popular destination thanks to its colonial architecture, natural beauty, valleys towards the west, stunning weather ((too) hot in the summer) and its friendly people. Salta is also the departure point of the ‘Tren a las Nubes’ (the railway to the clouds), which takes its passengers on a spectacular train trip of more than 400 km to its highest point at 4,200 m.

Buenos Aires

Plaza 25 de mayo

Argentina Highlights Buenos Aires Argentina Highlights Buenos Aires
The Iguazu Falls

where three countries meet

Argentina Highlights Iguazu Falls Argentina Highlights Iguazu Falls
The Patagonian Glaciers

with the Perito Moreno glacier

Argentina Highlights Patagonia Argentina Highlights Patagonia
Valdés Peninsula

whales, orcas, sea lions, penguins

Argentina Highlights Valdés Peninsula Argentina Highlights Valdés Peninsula
Tierra del Fuego

snow, ice and untouched nature

Argentina Highlights Tierra del Fuego Argentina Highlights Tierra del Fuego

wine bodegas at the foot of the Andess

Argentina Highlights Mendoza Argentina Highlights Mendoza


Argentina Highlights Salta Argentina Highlights Salta
Argentina Highlights

Argentina Highlights

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