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Vacation in Argentina

A Vacation in Argentina is a long-haul holiday. A trip to this destination entails a 13-hour direct flight from London to Buenos Aires. Some airlines – which often offer tickets at somewhat lower prices – have interim stopovers that increase the total travelling time to at least 20 hours.

This means that Argentina is not a destination suitable for a 10-day holiday, unless you’d only like to see Buenos Aires and surrounds. If you want a real Argentina vacation, you’ll have to travel great distances within the country itself. The fastest and most convenient way of doing this is by using domestic flights.
Vakantie Argentiniƫ

Argentina as a beach holiday destination

Argentina is a country filled with extraordinary and beautiful sights and is not ideal for a beach holiday. The seaside destinations to the south of Buenos Aires are lovely, but are packed with Argentinian families enjoying their summer vacations during high season (December and January).

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can’t have a relaxed vacation in this Latin American country, or that there are no lovely beaches. Convenient Chile or Brazil combination holidays are actually possible (also in terms of flights), and many of our Argentina travellers conclude their holidays with a week spent on pristine beaches. Ask our Argentina experts for more information.
Mar del Plata

beach vacation destination for Argentinians

Vacation in Argentina Mar del Plata Vacation in Argentina Mar del Plata

city beaches on river islands

Vacation in Argentina Rosario Vacation in Argentina Rosario
ViƱa del Mar (Chile)

add this to your Chile vacation

Vacation in Argentina with beaches in Chile Vacation in Argentina with beaches in Chile
Brazilian beaches

easy to combine with your Argentina-vacation

Vacation in Argentina with beaches in Brazil Vacation in Argentina with beaches in Brazil
Vacation in Argentina

Vacation in Argentina

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