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Best time for a holiday in Argentina

Argentina is such a large country that it can be subdivided into a number of climatic zones. If possible, our Argentina experts will take this into account when tailoring your holiday. Below, you’ll find some climatic information to help you decide when to visit Argentina. Because Argentina and Chile are both located south of the equator, the seasons here are opposite to those in the Europe. The locals here take holidays in their own country from December to February. As a result, holidays in these two countries are often more expensive during this period, while the popular destinations are busier than usual. We recommend that you travel to Argentina and Chile during the spring or autumn, when weather conditions are often ideal. Below is an overview of the four seasons to help you decide what time would be best for your holiday to Argentina and Chile.

Winter: June, July and August
Spring: September, October and November
Summer: December, January and February
Autumn: March, April and May

We consider the European spring and autumn – from October to mid-December and April to mid-June – to be the best times for a holiday to Argentina and Chile. Temperatures are less extreme, there are fewer tourists around and you’ll benefit from off-season prices. From mid-December to February, prices hotel, restaurant and excursion prices skyrocket because Argentinians themselves go on holiday during this period (their summer holidays). The winter months here (from June to September) are generally much cooler, but are a great time for visiting the north of Argentina and Chile. There are fewer tourists about and it is often sunny with bright blue skies.

Best time for a holiday – Buenos Aires, Central Argentina, Chile

The average temperature in Buenos Aires is a very mild 20 °C. The region experiences its hottest months in December and January, when the mercury rises to 30 °C and the heat is intensified by humidity. If you decide to visit Buenos Aires in the winter (our summer), pack some rainproof clothing … just in case. We also recommend that you pack warm clothes for the chilly evenings.

Mendoza and the Chilean capital of Santiago have Mediterranean climates, so are ideal for year-round holidays. If you are a wine enthusiast and aren’t sure when you would like to visit Argentina and Chile, why not go in February or March when the grapes for wine production are being harvested in Mendoza?

Best time for a holiday – Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

The best time to visit Chilean and Argentine Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is between December and March. Since the temperature hovers around 5°C, you will have to pack warm clothes. At this time of year, the days are longer, so you will have enough time to enjoy the glaciers and icebergs.

It can become very cold during the winter months (July and August). Facilities can be closed, coaches travel less often and flights may be cancelled. If you still have to decide when you’d like to visit Argentina and Chile, we discourage holidays in this region at this time of the year. All weather conditions are possible, even during the milder months (September, April and May). The weather can turn at any time, so always pack warm clothes, regardless of whether you are visiting in December or June.

Best time for a holiday – Northern Argentina

Northern Argentina can be subdivided into three climatic zones. The Iguazu falls are generally very tropical, hot and humid, so this region is great for year-round visits. During the winter months, there is less rain and temperatures are somewhat lower. If you travel further west towards Salta, the landscape becomes drier and temperatures average around 17 °C. Ideal conditions if you’d like to explore the area by car.

Even further westwards, you’ll eventually reach the world’s driest place, the Atacama Desert. During the winter, desert evenings are a little too chilly and the nights downright cold. However, daytime temperatures are much more pleasant than in the summer (our winter), when temperatures easily rise above the 40 °C mark. Take this into account before deciding when to travel.
Best time for a holiday in Argentina

in the different climatic zones

Best time for a holiday in Argentina Best time for a holiday in Argentina
In the south

freezing winters

Best time for a holiday in the south of Argentina Best time for a holiday in the south of Argentina
In the north

blazing-hot summers

Best time for a holiday in the north of Argentina
Best time for a holiday in Argentina

Best time for a holiday in Argentina

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