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Other interesting Argentina destinations

Obviously, you do not have to visit all the highlights that we have mentioned. There are many more sights in this vast country that are absolutely worth seeing. In addition to the highlights, you’ll find a number of other interesting major Argentina destinations below. We recommend that, when tailoring your own holiday, you choose some minor destinations and relatively unexplored spots that that best fit into your planned holiday.
holiday Cordoba


With more than 1.3 million inhabitants, Cordoba is Argentina’s second-largest city. It is known for its student life, which goes hand-in-hand with many great restaurants and a thriving nightlife. The city is also a leading cultural centre. One of its great sights is the cathedral on the Plaza San Martin. It’s an imposing structure, mainly in Baroque style, with a Romanesque dome as a later addition and unique ceiling art. In the middle of this square is a statue of the famous general, while just around the corner is the Déan Funes pedestrian shopping area, where you will find cafés, boutiques, bookshops and shopping arcades. The scooters, students, terraces and cafés are a little reminiscent of Italy, and the dry humour of the Cordoba locals defines the fun atmosphere of this city. If you would like to escape the bustle of the city for a while, you’ll find plenty of variety at the beautiful ‘sierras’ around Cordoba.
holiday Bariloche


San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains around 2 hours by air from BA. It is nestled along the lake in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Bariloche seems somewhat European, since many of its residents have German, Swiss and Italian roots. It is an attraction to Argentine and foreign guests alike and is known as the ‘Switzerland’ of Argentina, because the area features lakes, waterfalls, cliffs and snowy peaks.
Bariloche and its surrounds are a haven for hikers, mountaineers and trekkers. A particular attraction is a 12-hectare myrrh forest on one of the many islands. Such a concentration of these cinnamon-coloured trees cannot be found anywhere else, and some of the trees are up to 300 years old. Around Bariloche, skiing is done in the winter (European summer), while surfing takes place in the summer (European winter). Besides these, you could also go horseback riding, cycling or choose from numerous beautiful hikes.
holiday Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata

Mara del Plata, Argentina’s most popular seaside destination, is located about 400 km south of BA along a coastline of more than 15 km of beach. Millions of predominantly Argentinian tourists spend their summer holidays here in its many hotels, resorts and apartments. In addition to its beach life, Mar del Plata has a dazzling nightlife with countless restaurants, casinos, bars and clubs. It also has many major shopping centres.
holiday Rosario


With almost a million residents, Rosario is Argentina’s third-largest city after Buenos Aires and Cordoba. It is located almost 300 km northwest of BA on the banks of the Parana River. This city is not generally included in most holidays, but its neo-classical architecture and (beach) recreation along the river make it worth a visit. The city is an important junction for rail- and water traffic, and many ocean-going vessels and cruise liners dock in its harbour. Rosario is a large export centre, handling goods from the major maize, sugar and meat industries.
holiday San Juan

San Juan & Moon Valley

Following the 1944 earthquake, San Juan – with its population of more than 100,000 – was completely rebuilt with wide streets, large town squares and buildings that would resist another potential earthquake.
Highlights of San Juan include Plaza 25 de Mayo in the heart of the city, with great outdoor terraces and a pedestrian-only area. Large palm trees shade the cathedral with its statues of prominent persons from San Juan’s past.

Other Argentina highlights

For more Argentina highlights or for more specific information about the destinations and special sites in this vast country, please visit the LAS website.

You’ll find all the information necessary to decide exactly what you would like to see during your holiday. You are also welcome to contact us for advice and a tailored suggested itinerary.

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Cities in Argentina: Cordoba Cities in Argentina: Cordoba
Bariloche & surrounds

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Cities in Argentina: Bariloche Cities in Argentina: Bariloche
Mar del Plata

Argentina’s favourite seaside destination

Cities in Argentina: Mar del Plata Cities in Argentina: Mar del Plata

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Cities in Argentina: Rosario Cities in Argentina: Rosario
San Juan & surrounds

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Cities in Argentina: San Juan Cities in Argentina: San Juan
Cities in Argentina

Cities in Argentina

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