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I would like to customize the Patagonia Fly Drive Holiday

You can custimize the Patagonia Fly Drive to your likings. You can:

- combine this holiday with another one
- remove or add certain parts
- shorten or lengthen the trip
- change the order of the travel program

Please describe below as clearly as possible what you would like customized. We then will adapt the itinerary to a fully obligation-free new holiday proposal to your wishes. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at LAS on +31 20 60 65 030.

Mount Fitz Roy

from El Calafate to El ChaltÚn

Holiday Patagonia Self Drive
Breath-taking views

mountains, cobalt-blue water, ice

Holiday Patagonia Self Drive
Incredible ice walls

as high as apartment blocks

Holiday Patagonia Self Drive
Beautiful animals

you will encounter these in the mountains

Holiday Patagonia Self Drive
De Perito Moreno

the glacier that’s still growing

Holiday Patagonia Self Drive